/ 04 April 2014 /
There's a new book out from Japan which features and introduces 150 different creatives from all over Asia. I am sooo thrilled to be one of the representatives for my country, Philippines! Other amazing Filipino talents featured in the book are Dan Matutina, EWWS, Inksurge, Daryl Feril, Team Manila, and more.

Thank you Ubies, Miki Yabe, and Dan Matutina for this! :)

Visit here for more info!

Summer Pattern!

/ 21 March 2014 /
I've been playing around Photoshop trying to make patterns using my illustrations! Just wanna see my drawings used in new and different ways. It's fun and addicting! Though my first try was blah. Haha.  

Summer's here and I can't waittt to hit the beach! 

One of my first tries! Haha fail

This one I like! Feel free to download and use as wallpaper for your devices! :)

Anti-cover Covers

/ 23 February 2014 /
Kate Moss

So here's a new illustration series I've worked on the past week. Well, I really started this last January but I was just so busy painting murals (will share more about that on a later post!), that I almost never got to work on it. But yay now they're done! I want to do more but I'll post these for now.

As you can see these drawings are kinda different from the usual ones I do, no faces! This image was my inspiration for these. I just saw it on Pinterest and thought it looked beautiful, despite having no face. And you all know I love hair! Anyway, so I thought of drawing a few magazine covers I like this way. The idea of having a faceless magazine cover just intrigued me, you know, since it IS the selling point of each magazine. I wonder how people would react if they see something like this.

I used i-D's Kate Moss cover, Lana del Rey's Interview cover, W with Miley Cyrus, and Miranda Kerr for Vogue. I just love the original photos, especially Kate's! And god that Miley cover is so sexy, her fingers were so beautiful! (yes I have a fascination with pretty fingers haha). I'll definitely do more!!

Miley Cyrus

Lana del Rey

Miranda Kerr

Ellana Minerals Illustration

/ 22 January 2014 /

For Ellana Minerals' comeback, I was asked to make illustrations to be printed on their new packaging. The brief was very simple: to draw beautiful ladies that capture the essence of the Ellana Woman—someone who is elegant, garceful, confident, and intelligent.

I enjoyed doing this project a lot. First, because I've always wanted to do something beauty/makeup related! Second, is that this was my first ever work to be printed on actual products so I was very excited. And of course, also because the ladies (and guy!) of Ellana Minerals were very easy to work with. They trusted me with their product and gave me the artistic freedom!

Of course I still consulted with them and they still gave me directions, but that was it. They were in no way very controlling. Some other clients just don't understand that to be able to have a successful project, clients and art directors should still take into consideration what the illustrator thinks. After all, illustrators aren't just renderers, right? (Okay ending rant now, haha).

Anyway, please enjoy! :)

Ellana Minerals' new website —

Happy Holidays!!

/ 24 December 2013 /
Merry Christmas and a happy, bright, and sparkly New Year to us all!


Prints for Sale!

/ 11 December 2013 /

Finally after ages, I was able to update my Print Shop! And just in time for the Holidays! If you still don't know what to give your loved ones this Christmas—and you want to give them something different—I think this would be a great idea! :)




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