Shop Update

/ 26 August 2014 /

Just a short update on my online shop. I'm currently restocking it with new products! If you're interested on a print or postcard set, check back later this week! :)

Pretty Things 02

/ 23 August 2014 /

Remember I once said i'll post my inspirations here every now and then? Well, I did one entry but I never got around to doing another one, hehe. Now I promise to make this a regular thing! It's a good practice for me, after all.

So, this Pretty Things (what I decided to tag it from now on) entry is of layout/editorial designs that I love. Before I decided to be a professional illustrator, I started out as a graphic designer-turned-art director for a magazine. Aside from drawing, I've always really enjoyed graphic design.

(click photos for credit)

Our Youth is Running Out

/ 07 August 2014 /
So last month, I celebrated my 25th (gasp) birthday. Sometimes I still can't absorb the thought of it! When I was a kid, I always thought people of this age had it all figured out already; obviously I'm still far from it. I'm torn between feeling old and feeling young, hahahaha.

Anyway, here's another personal work I just did. Named it 'Our Youth is Running Out', because lately I've been listening to Foxes a lot and I got the line from one of her songs. And for obvious reasons, it's very apt to what I'm feeling right now.

PS. And to add to that 'feeling old' feeling even more, read this article




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