Hervé Chapelier

/ 29 July 2014 /

Hervé Chapelier recently opened their first ever store in the Philippines. For their launch, they got in touch with several local artists who painted on their bags which were then exhibited at the store during the event.

Some of the artists included were Kris Abrigo, Tokwa Penaflorida, and yours truly! And here is my painted bag! :)

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Dara Muscat (+ a gif!)

/ 04 July 2014 /
Do you follow Dara Muscat on Instagram? If not, then grab your phone and do so! She's so gorgeous and her face looks like my drawings, I'm glad I got to know her online! She's also very talented and I love what she does.

Here is a portrait I did for her. Really, go check her profile! She's also an illustrator!

In line with this, i tried doing a gif! I've never done one before and thought of learning how to. I thought those floating gems would look perfect if they really were floating!

Here's my shot at doing a gif!


/ 29 June 2014 /
So it's almost July! Another year older (hahahuhu) for me. My goodness everything really goes by so fast. And that is why I decided to make a little blog post collecting some of my works from the past 6 months, a short retrospective of sorts.

I like looking back at my works every now and then; I get to see how my works change and evolve through time, curate my portfolio, and also learn what I should work more on. I'm quite disappointed with the amount of personal work I did though, just because I know I can do better. These next months, I promise to produce a lot more!



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